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New Change ! Me ? Comeback !
Posted on Monday, 24 June 2013 at 10:29 | 0comments

Bismillah, Assalamualaikum.

omaigod ! I have not write at my blog for a long time.. T^T actually, im so busy with my school, 

with a lot of homework //headache// with the tuition on Saturday and Sunday, with the kkq classes, aand a lot more ! T^T.. //relax// *im sure ayuni, you can stand it just for a few month, just for a few month okay ! don't worry and cheer up..do you think you can success without any obstacles? im sure you can't..

maybe from now on, I will try to write at my blog with English..okkayy ~ I admit maybe urm -___- my English is not so good, bbut I want to try to write it using this language..I have read somewhere, if you want to improve your English..one of the way is to write blog in English..aand also actually, I also tweet in English at my twitter..when I said that, it's not that im maybe you called 'batak'..not okay ! Ugh -___-

bbut maybe im weird, now my English test maybe you say good bbut my Arabic test T^T..In my mid year exam, i got A bbut small A for English test..im not sure what i got because i have forgot it..let me remember first, urm ________ ohh ! i got 86..for my Arabic test, i got B which was 78..although i got 78 bbut i still dont want to beg my ustazah to give me 2 marks so i can get A for my Arabic test..

in my opinion, i think what is the point you get A now bbut it's not from your effort..i want to get A from my own effort not because someone help to plus the mark..actually, there is someone that i know..she took pmr last year and she got 8A and 1B..and her B is Arabic..im not sure who bbut im sure my ustazah said that she never got B when she took other test so it's a bit surprising why she got B in her PMR..i think it become a lesson to me..

when im form 2, i always got A for my Arabic test and i always got B for my English test..actually, on my final exam, i got 8A 1B like now bbut what is the different is my B is science aand at my mid year exam now i got B for Arabic..T^T

okkayy ! maybe you said that my English is not good and maybe worse bbut i try to write it in English so dont ever try to talk bad about me..anyway, for your information, i used ENGRISH not ENGLISH ! at least, i try to use it not like you =P

so, maybe it's just for now..

need to go..annyeong ! //bow 90 degrees///