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Posted on Sunday, 27 May 2012 at 13:52 | 0comments

Assalamualaikum and moshi moshi..Today is Sunday and It's holiday day!!LOL~~Ada banyak lagi cuti yang bersisa..Harap masa akan bergerak lambat ceh masa itu tidak akan menunggu kita..Ingat tu Cik Ayuni.
Urm -___-" apa pulak tu..facts? about who?oh my facts..*know what,who cares?*oke shut up right now!I don't know what to post today..and actually a lot of blogger have done this and not it's my turn..
opps sorry for my grammatical mistake and broken english!

What I like and love the most?

1.I like Islam the most no doubt
2.I really love my family and my parents for sure
3.I love my name very much Fatin Farhanna Ayuni
4.I like to study and I don't care if you want to call me nerd or 'skema'
5.I like the toilet in my house only
6.I'm a die hard fan of anime,english movie and korea esp their drama,song and variety show
7.I'm also a fanatic fans of harvest moon, command and conquer and sim
8.I love sleeping very much and no one can disturb me when I'm sleep
9.I love natural beauty
10.I love difference (mean,I don't like to be same just like everyone else) 

What I dislike and hate the most?

1.I really hate something or someone that is insulting Islam
2.I hate someone that badmouth my family and my parents
3.I dislike other toilet beside in my house (it's weird,right?)
4.I hate make up so much
5.I don't like high heel because I think it's so complicated
6.I hate a person who not honest with me,liar,backstabber and faker
7.I dislike smokers very much because they can make my health hazard
8.I hate socialist
9.Don't like being force
10.Dislike to eat seafood or 'belacan' because I have an allergic

Oke that's all for now..And if you want to see my face urm -____- sorry because my face is private..XD