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Mesti korang tertanya-tanya pasal title post aku tu kan..Kalau korang nak tahu G.O tu adelah dalam group mblaq..dia ialah *my ultimate bias*..LOL~~kalau korang nak tahu tentang dia nie..let's check together k~~

Full Name : Jung Byunghee (정병희)
Stage Name:G.O
Date of Birth : November 6, 1987 (age 22)
Position : Main Vocalist
Height : 177cm
Weight : 64kg
Talent : singing, dancing
Hobbies : cooking
Attractions : Vocal weerwolf the soft and stylish,soft voice and charming facial hair
Education:International Digital University – Leisure Sports, Attending

G.O. is a former member of Korean group, TYKEYS, a 3-member band that debuted in 2007

GO shave his facial hair

After MBLAQ’s music video for Y and jacket photos were released, 

G.O. has been garnering attention for his drastic change from 

MBLAQ’s last manly concept.
In Y, we can see a side of G.O. we have not been able to see

before…G.O. without his facial hair!

Since MBLAQ’s debut single, Oh Yeah and G.O.O.D. LUV, G.O. had 

been sporting a look that not many idols could pull off. He could 

proudly say that he was the only idol with facial hair! However,

he shaved his facial hair for a drastic image change, and now,

everyone can have a good look at the pretty boy that was hiding 
Fans commented on G.O.’s change by joking, “Where’s the beard?” 

“G.O. where are you?” 
“Put on your beard again!”
Meanwhile, MBLAQ will be making their first comeback appearance 

on Mnet Countdown! on May 20th. Also, they will be part of the 

2010 Dream Concert as well.

MBLAQ G.O.‘s moustache is his trademark. Now, how would he look without it?
G.O. is known for his strong soulful vocals in MBLAQ. He is also in charge of the “hair” in the group. Guess I’m not the only one who’s curious about what he would look like without his moustache, netizens were curious too and decided to photoshop his signature masculine feature off! Take a look at the facial hair-less G.O.
I’m really not used to this look…but it’s totally fine with me!
It has also been revealed that G.O. may really be shedding his facial hair for MBLAQ‘s upcoming album. On a recent radio show, leader SeungHo gave a sneak peak of their new album by saying, “You will see G.O. looking younger!” The MC quickly asked if he was cutting his moustache and G.O. answered with a positive response.
What do you think? Does G.O. look better with the stache or without?

G.O Confesses “My age: 24, dating experience: 20 times.”
A cool casanova is in the house! G.O. of MBLAQ reveals details of his dating experiences on the latest Mnet A-LIVE recording.
Appearing together with 24 year old G.O. on the program are singers J.ea (formerly J) and Brown Eyed Soul‘s Jung Yeob.
Going against the conventional confessions of idols who have not yet been exposed to romantic relationships, G.O. broke the mold by revealing, “I’ve had many relationships.” He also added “I’ve had 20 relationships, because I dated at such young age, my feelings for my girlfriend was strong.” His honest confession shocked J.ea.
In response to G.O’s statement that his longest relationship lasted for only a year, J.ea joked, “Well, how long could they get since he’s already been in relationships 20 times at the age of 24“, sparking laughter from the audience.

The program also included performances from all three guests and 

after G.O and J.ea’s duet, Jung Yeob said, “Somehow I can tell 

that he was a good lover. He has great emotions when singing, and 

his looks and his way of talking…” G.O. then playfully replied 

“Because looks are enough, it’s okay if I don’t sing strongly.”
Not wanting to be left out by being the only one without a 

confession, Jung Yeob also shared his own romantic experiences,

stating “Usually I like romantic stuff. I always plan fun 

events. Because whenever we meet I will give my girlfriend 

flowers as presents, the ahjumma at the flower store would think 

I’m buying for different girls.”

Jung Yeob also advised budding romantics by including, “Girls like it when the guy goes on his

 knees in front of many people 

and give the girl flowers, or when he just gives her a hug.”
And finally, given his numerous dating escapades, G.O. was quick 

to state “I suck at making events. I prepare well for my 

girlfriend but she would just ask me to buy flowers,” indicating 

that his girlfriend would rather him to stick to a simple show of 

affection or that G.O. was just being modest.

G.O wants to be paired up with Jooyeon for We Got Married
GO MBLAQ and After School Joo Yeon

MBLAQ’s G.O admitted on Infinity Girls Season 2 that he would 

want to be paired up with After School’s Jooyeon if he were to be 

on We Got Married.He also admitted it in mblaq-idol army.
He said, “I’ve been friends with Jooyeon for three years and we 

have completely different personalities. I think we would show a 

funny marriage life.” Sounds like a good excuse to get closer to

The idols these days are really putting their ideal types out 


K..lah sampai di sini saja dulu..bye-bye!!